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Description: Expanded PTFE joint sealant is a multi-purpose gasket tape manufactured from 100% expanded PTFE fluorocarbon material, supplied as a continuous low density tape with a self-adhesive backing strip. It is soft and spongy, permitting it to conform easily to all surface irregularities and to compress to a thin ribbon under pressure.

Application: recommended as a gasket tape in steel, glass-lined, PVC and fiberglass pipe flanges, fume ducts, concrete lids, heat exchangers, fiber glass reinforced plastic vessels, pump housing flanges, steam vessel flanges, manhole and manhole covers, ceramic joints, ventilation ducts, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, water supply systems and turbine cases.

Chemical Resistance: It is an inert material which can be used in many applications against corrosive environments, except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine. it will not contaminate media and can be used in food and drug equipment applications.

1: Temp. Resistance: -200~260°C

2: Density: 0.7~0.8g/cm³

3: PH: 0~14;

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