Reinforced Flexible Graphite Yarns

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In order to manufacture different kinds of reinforced flexible graphite yarns to be used to making different kinds flexible graphite packings, we use flexible graphite as basic material ,mixing with natural fiber ,metal alloy wire(respectively) and proper binding agent,then through specially specially designed technological process,The packing made of these flexible graphite yarns reinforced by different kinds of fibers and metal alloy wires, are suitable for sealing under different media,circumstance,temperature and pressure ,Furthermore, for using these products under severely corrosive circumstance upon the demands of customers inhibitors of corrosion can be added into the Graphite yarns for making the properties of the graphite sealing Parts more perfect.

1: Temp. Resistance: -240~450°C(in air)

2: Diameter: 1.5mm /2mm/2.5mm

3: PH: 0~14

4: Carbon Content: ≥90%(in yarn)

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