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Reinforced Graphite Sheet is made from materials of three layers.At the middle of the composite plate is a stainless steel plate and on both sides expanded graphite plates,then,through specially pressing or sticking process,after that,the product is done,This is a kind of sealing gasket with excellent comprehensive properties, it overcomes the disadvantage of being squeezed out from and or sticking into flanges.

This kind of gasket has good compressibility and resilience,small stress relaxation,fine compensation function for uneveness of sealing surfaces and long working life,these lates are suitavle for making gaskets of cylinders for air compressors,internal combustion engines and packings for different kinds of pipings and flanges.

1: Temp. Resistance: -240~450°C(in air)

2: Thickness(mm): 0.4~5mm

3: Width: 1m /1.5m

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